Google launches #AndroidHelp hashtag for tech support on Twitter

The company will respond to all kinds of Android issues if you don't mind making them public.

Google will now answer your Android-related problems on Twitter, and you don't even have to slide into its DMs. The company has announced that it's now assisting users who tweet their issues with the hashtag #AndroidHelp. Google has also provided some additional information about its new tech support method on Reddit, noting that its responses will come from the official @Android Twitter handle. Further, the tech giant said you can use the hashtag to get a response for most Android-related concerns, including general troubleshooting, identity and authentication, accessibility and security.

Google didn't say why it chose to provide technical assistance on Twitter this way instead of having people DM the Android account with concerns. Maybe it has technology that makes it easier to weed out spammers if the messages are public. Also, the fact that everyone will be able to browse messages with the hashtag could give people a way to find answers on their own instead of having to ask in the first place.