Calendar app Fantastical switches to a subscription for its Mac and iOS apps

Gone are the separate licenses of Fantastical 2.

Fantastical, one of the oldest and most loved calendar apps on Apple devices, just received its biggest update in years. The most significant change is that Fantastical is now a universal app you pay for through a subscription. As such, you don't need to purchase separate licenses to use the app on multiple devices. Developer Flexibits has also introduced a new tier that allows you to check out Fantastical's basic functionality for free.

When it comes to new features, one highlight is that Flexibits has integrated weather forecasts directly into Fantastical. If you add a location to an event, you'll see what the local weather will look like during your appointment. There's also a 10-day forecast that you can check at any time. The app can also use location data to switch between different calendar sets automatically. So say you use Fantastical at both work and home, the app will know to move between your personal and work calendars based on your current location.

Another nifty feature called Interesting Calendars allows you to add public events without inputting them into your calendar manually. In this way, you can add reminders for when new episodes of your favorite TV show will air, upcoming sporting events and even things like solar eclipses and moon cycles.

You can download the new Fantastical on Mac, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. Fantastical Premium costs $5 per month. If you commit to an annual subscription, it instead costs $3.33 per month. There's also a free 14-day trial if you want to check out all the app's more advanced features before committing.

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