Google Assistant can now say where your Tile is

No more listening for the ring.

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Tracking gadget Tile has been a boon to the forgetful, and now it's set to get even more helpful. Previously, you could use Google Assistant to ring your Tile, so finding your keys or wallet was a matter of listening out for the beep. Now, though, it's able to give you a location of where your stuff is.

Using a Nest device, you can now ask Google Assistant things like, "Hey Google, where is my purse?" or "Hey Google, find my keys," and if your Tile is at home, you'll get a response like "Your keys were last seen today at 9pm near the kitchen speaker." If you left your stuff somewhere else, the Assistant will give you the street address where your Tile was last seen, based on its location services. It's a natural evolution of the Tile x Google Assistant offering, and likely one that a lot of folks will wonder how they ever lived without.

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