'OurMine' group briefly hijacked Facebook's Twitter and Instagram accounts

The Khoros marketing platform was once again a vector for the attack.

After Jack Dorsey's account was taken over by hackers (more than once), social media account takeovers can't get much bigger, but now Facebook itself has become a victim. The same "OurMine" hackers who sent messages from a bunch of NFL team accounts and @ESPN ahead of the Super Bowl apparently accessed Facebook's accounts on Twitter and Instagram, as well as the official Twitter account for Facebook Messenger.

In a statement, Twitter confirmed they were accessed via third-party platform (apparently Khoros, the same way the NFL accounts were compromised) and that it had locked access to them. Last week Khoros said it had addressed a vulnerability in its platform after an attack and suspicious behavior, but it appears the OurMine group still has a way to use it for their own methods. For the rest of us, it's probably a reminder to double check what third-party services you've allowed to access your account on Twitter and other platforms.