Puma’s latest Sonic clothing line stays true to the original hedgehog

"You're too slow..."

Ahead of the Sonic the Hedgehog movie coming out next week, Puma has released the latest in a series of clothing, shoes and accessories that feature Sonic and his friends. If you weren't a fan of the movie's first, nightmare-inducing trailer, the good news is that the line pulls its designs exclusively from the Sonic games.

The collection includes a bit of everything. One highlight is the $35 t-shirt pictured above, which features Sonic and Knuckles. Another shirt will remind friends and strangers that they're too slow, and just as fresh are the pair of $120 RS-X3 sneakers you see below. They come in two different colorways: one in Sonic's iconic blue, gold and whites, while the other takes its inspiration deom Dr. Robotnik/Eggman. In a nice touch, the sneakers feature a scorecard toward the heel of the shoe.

Puma RS-X3 sneakers

You can buy items from the Puma x Sonic line starting today either online, at Puma stores or select retailers across the US. The kids' portion of the line will follow on February 15th.

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