Facebook says it will tighten account security following 2018 hack

That is, if its proposed settlement sticks.

Facebook is promising to bolster its security processes in the wake of a 2018 hack that exposed data for 29 million users. The social network has proposed a settlement in a lawsuit over the breach that would see the company check more often for suspicious activity around the digital access tokens that let people use their accounts. There are other measures as part of the lawsuit, Bloomberg said.

The settlement comes a few months after Judge William Alsup barred the plaintiffs from looking for financial compensation after the main plaintiff couldn't show that he'd had to pay expenses as a result of the breach.

There's no guarantee the settlement will go forward as-is. That will depend on Judge Alsup's approval. If it does, though, it could reduce the chances of intruders making off with vast sums of personal data before Facebook locks things down. There's still a long way to go before Facebook can claim to have meaningfully improved security -- there have been much larger reported lapses in the months since. This might be a good start, though.