Samsung will offer a 4G version of the Galaxy S20 in some countries

You won't see much of an advantage by getting one, though.

Samsung has made a point of making 5G available for every Galaxy S20 variant, but that doesn't mean the phones will always come equipped with 5G. People in the UK, countries in mainland Europe and elsewhere will also have the option of buying the S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra in 4G (read: LTE) variants. In some countries, like Russia and South Africa, the 4G variant appears to be the only one on offer in pre-registration campaigns. That's not surprising when 5G is still rare or non-existent in most parts of the world, but it's worth noting if you're going phone shopping.

Just don't expect to see any changes. Engadget confirmed at Samsung's London event that the 4G versions are functionally identical to their 5G counterparts aside from the lack of that (usually) speedier data connection. There doesn't appear to be a price advantage, either. If you have the choice, then, you might as well go with the 5G model. Even if your carrier doesn't support 5G yet, you'll have an extra bit of futureproofing for any potential carrier upgrades.

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