We're live at Samsung's Galaxy Unpacked event in San Francisco!

Get ready to learn all about Samsung's new Galaxy S phones.

It seems like just yesterday that Samsung was explaining the "age of experience" at CES, and now we're in SF to sit through another lengthy, spectacle-filled presentation. This time, though, the show is all about a handful of smartphones that you've almost certainly seen already: The Galaxy S20 series.

And there are still other juicy tidbits to keep your eyes peeled for: The Galaxy Home mini might make its first official appearance here, and Samsung just might give us some hands-on time with the new Galaxy Z Flip. Here's hoping that name isn't final. If you're itching for a little mobile industry inside baseball, we might also get some insight into the company's scaled-back plans for MWC. (Then again, that might mainly be of interest to those of us at Engadget wondering if there will even be an MWC to visit in a few weeks.)

In any case, there's lots to learn about and not much time until the event kicks off in earnest, so keep your browser locked here -- the show starts at 11AM Pacific/2PM Eastern.

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