Facebook's latest experiment is a Pinterest-like app

Hobbi is now out in the Apple App Store

A team within Facebook tasked with creating new experiences has quietly released an app that resembles another one you may know pretty well: Pinterest. The application, called Hobbi, is now out on the Apple App Store in the US and other regions. (It doesn't seem to be out for Google Play yet.) Its App Store description says the app "wants to help you document and remember the things you love to do."

Like Pinterest, you'll be able to use it to save images you like and organize them into collections or albums. And like Pinterest, it's also geared towards those who enjoy cooking, baking, doing DIY and arts & crafts, as well as those into fitness and home decor. So, how are the two different? Well, Pinterest told The Information that Hobbi seems to lack its "discoverability, search and recommendations."

The social network introduced the group behind the app, the New Product Experimentation (NPE) Team, back in 2019. It former Vine boss Jason Toff to lead the division, which is focused on creating small applications. Back then, Facebook said it won't hesitate shutting down NPE projects that don't do well, so Hobbi's fate depends on how much people like it.

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