'PUBG Mobile' pro-level esports tournament kicks off

Mobile gaming is huge, and this tournament proves it.

One of the biggest mobile games today, PUBG Mobile, has kicked off an esports tournament for pro-level players, showing just how much the category has grown in recent years. Mobile games accounted for 33 percent of all app downloads in 2019. And according to Sensor Tower, the online multiplayer battle royale PUBG Mobile racked up nearly 555 million user downloads worldwide from the time it launch until December last year.

The PUBG Mobile Pro League is divided into Spring and Fall seasons. Teams that stand out will qualify for the PUBG Mobile World League in May and October, respectively, and may get to play in the World Championship in December, as well. The whole esports program has a $5 million prize pool players can win.

The Pro League has already started for the Southeast Asian region (with players from Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam), and matches will take place until April 19th. Pro League matches for Chinese Taipei will take place from March 12th through April 19th, while matches for the South Asian region will take place from March 12th through April 5th. Finally, North and South American players will compete in the month of April. You can keep up with the league's events through its official YouTube page, which will stream the matches live, as well as through its Facebook page.