Gmail turns its inbox filters into clickable 'search chips'

Users with cluttered inboxes would love Gmail's new feature.

Google has started rolling out a new Gmail feature that'll make looking for specific emails in your overflowing inbox much less painful. The feature, called "search chips," will help you narrow down the results you get. You can search for a colleague's name, for instance, and then click on the search chips the pop up under the search box to find that specific email you're looking for.

Say, you get a hundred or so results when you type in the name of a co-worker you've been working with for years. With the search chips' help, you'll be able to narrow down the choices based on whether or not they have an attachment and even on the kind of attachment (PDF, spreadsheet, text file) they have. You'll also be able to search for emails received within a specific time period and filter out results like chats and calendar entries.

As TechCrunch notes, you can already search for emails manually typing in filters like "has:attachment" and "from:[email address]," but this takes the difficulty out of the process. The feature will make its way to G Suite users first, but the tech giant told TC that it will also roll out search chips for consumer Gmail accounts in the near future.