Tomy's Dancy Beatz is a dancing disco ball you can choreograph

The company has unveiled the dancing robot at the 2020 Toy Fair in New York.


Tomy has unveiled a new dancing toy at the 2020 New York Toy Fair that shows shades of the Sony Rolly. It's called Dancy Beatz, and based on the video render the company has released, it will look like a disco ball with arms. The dancing robot will have five different modes to choose from, including a Dance Battle Mode to teach it pre-recorded routines. If you want to teach it your moves, though, you can put it in Program Mode -- it will save the dance you choreograph and use it later. Tomy says the robot has 900 possible dance moves to choose from and discover.

There's also a Listen Mode when you just want to use it as a speaker and a Play Mode, which gives it the capability to react to music and ambient sounds. Finally, Control Mode lets you link Dancy Beatz to YouTube or your music collection through Bluetooth connection with a phone or tablet installed with its app. "Interaction with music and dance is already central to many kids' daily lives, so we wanted to pair those elements with the next generation of tech," Tomy Chief Brand and Commercial Officer Vinnie D'Alleva said. "At that intersection, Dancy Beatz was born."

The sparkly dancing robot is expected to hit shelves in August 2020.