The $35 Raspberry Pi 4 now comes with double the RAM

Happy birthday, Raspberry Pi.

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Raspberry Pi Foundation
Raspberry Pi Foundation

Raspberry Pi is celebrating its eighth birthday, and it's come a long way in those eight years. Since launching its very first computer back in 2012, the company has sold more than 30 million units. Every year since has brought a newer version with higher specs and better processing power, with the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B arriving in 2019 with 40 times more speed than the humble original. Now, thanks to falling RAM prices, Raspberry Pi enthusiasts can get their hands on the 2GB device for $35 (around £35, depending on where you buy it) -- which is the same price as the very first version from eight years ago.

The Pi 4 2GB cost $45 at launch. Compared to the original, though, it has eight times the memory, 10 times the I/O bandwidth, four times the number of pixels on screen and dual-band wireless networking. As the company notes, thanks to inflation, $35 in 2012 is equivalent to nearly $40 today. So effectively you're getting all these improvements, and a $5 price cut. This is a permanent price cut, though, with the 1GB version remaining at $35, so opting for the larger memory variant is pretty much a no brainer.

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