The latest Timex smartwatch has 25-day battery life

The Ironman R300 GPS costs just $120.

The newest Timex Ironman smartwatch, the R300 GPS, bundles the workout essentials -- on-wrist heart rate monitoring, guided coaching, a range of performance metrics and water resistance up to 30 meters -- and avoids adding unnecessary extras that sometimes drive smartwatch prices up. The result is that the R300 GPS costs just $120, and the company claims the battery will last up to 25 days, as long as you only use 20 hours of GPS.

Like the Timex Ironman One GPS, this is really more of a fitness band than a smartwatch, or in the company's words a "sports-first smartwatch." With so many smartwatches offering some level of fitness tracking, plus non-fitness features like texts and calls, Timex will have to find customers who want a rugged, fitness tracker with a long battery life and no add-ons.

The design isn't anything novel, but it includes all of the features you've come to expect in a fitness tracker, like the ability to change the device's face, swipe through commands and view relevant training data with a glance. The watch comes with a silicon rubber strap, offered in gray, black and "silver." And, of course, at $120, the price is hard to beat.

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