Analogue's metal NES returns as a $499 special edition

The Nt Mini Noir Edition may be your last chance at the upscale console.

If you're kicking yourself for missing out on Analogue's metallic NES on steroids, the Nt Mini, you're in luck -- provided you have the cash. Analogue has opened pre-orders for the Nt Mini Noir Edition, a final run of the console that comes in a gunmetal finish with gold-hued ports, a refined NES cartridge slot, an updated 8BitDo wireless controller and a refreshed user interface. Throw in existing Nt Mini touches like HDMI out and this might be the ultimate way to play NES (and Famicom) games without resorting to emulators.

You will be paying dearly for that privilege. Analogue is selling the Nt Mini Noir Edition for $499, or about $50 more than the original Nt Mini. It also won't ship until July, and then only in "limited quantities." This is for enthusiasts with a stack of cartridges waiting to be played again; it might just tickle your fancy if it does, but there are more affordable options if you just want to fire up Super Mario Bros. now and then.