Gmail now allows you to share files from Adobe Creative Cloud

With a few important caveats.

Adobe has released a new Gmail add-on to make it easier for Creative Cloud users to share their work over email. The plugin allows you to attach synced files, libraries or mobile creations you have stored on your Creative Cloud account as links.

Once you've installed the plugin, you can include an attachment by clicking on the Creative Cloud icon located toward the bottom right of Gmail's compose window. You can also use the plugin to save files directly to your Creative Cloud account. For the most part, the process of using the plugin is straightforward, but there are a couple of limitations to keep in mind.

At the moment, you can only send public links using the plugin. If you've already shared private links, the tool will ask you to make them public. There's also a 100MB limit to files you can save directly to your Creative Cloud account. For some, these will likely be deal breakers, but it sounds like Adobe plans to at least lift the public sharing restriction in a future release.

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