Google is working on a native printing and scanning app for Chrome OS

We just hope it comes out before Cloud Print goes away for good.

Google is working on a native Chrome OS app for printing and scanning, according to 9to5Google. Even though Chromebooks are geared towards schools, they don't provide an easy way to see queued print jobs or to figure out the errors that prevent a printer from properly working. Google's Cloud Print made doing those possible, but the app is shutting down in 2021. Now, 9to5Google has discovered that the tech giant is working on a "Print Management app" for the platform. A Chrome OS specific flag in chrome://flags describes it as:

Print Management App

Enables the print management app that allows Chrome OS users to view and manage their native print jobs.


The app's development is still in its very early stages, but it will apparently show you your recent print attempts, a job's name and which printer it was sent to, as well as if it was successful. In addition, the app will include the capability to scan documents based on another flag that describes a scanning UI:

Scanning UI

An experimental UI that allows users to interact with a connected scanner.


It's unclear when the feature will be available. Hopefully, Google rolls it out before Cloud Print follows Reader and the tech giant's other scrapped products to the trash heap.