Disney+ will start streaming 'Frozen 2' on Sunday, three months early

4K streaming for the movie will start on Tuesday.

In a move that feels in parts altruistic and business savvy, Disney has bumped up the Disney+ streaming release date for Frozen 2 to this weekend. Many families are unexpectedly home and certainly feeling the stress of everything going on due to coronavirus, and could probably use a break to watch the much-loved movie. It's also a high-profile exclusive for Disney's streaming service, which has wanted for a hit of its own ever since The Mandalorian season one came to an end.

The press release didn't indicate exactly what time Frozen 2 will premiere on Disney+, but said it will be available only in HD initially, and only in the US. Starting Tuesday March 17th, it will also come to Canada, the Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand and it will be available Ultra HD to all subscribers.