Vudu's 'Lists' feature helps you organize your video collection

It's an easier way to see what's in your library.

Vudu has just introduced a new lists feature that will finally let users organize their selection of movies and TV shows. Instead of just sorting them through release date or alphabetical order, you can now sift through your collection via customized categories and lists. Think of it as a mix playlist, but for your favorite Vudu flicks.

To create a list, simply look for "Lists" under the "My Vudu" menu. Select "Create New List" and away you go. You can either select individual titles or a whole slew of them at once. You can add the same movie to multiple lists, and after you make the list, the choices can be re-ordered however you want.

Some examples of lists include Marvel movies, family favorites, the top 100 movies of all time, retro classics, or maybe a few romantic choices for date night. The list doesn't need to include just the movies you own either; you can include free titles from the catalog as well as movies you have yet to purchase. When you log on, you'll see a list of Star Wars movies that Vudu created to help kick off the feature.