Google updates its Discover Feed to let you flag misleading articles

While you could always report content to Google, this makes it easier to flag stories.

If you're a frequent Pixel or Google app user, you're probably familiar with the Discover Feed. In its various iterations over the last few years, Google has consistently tried to make it a go-to for finding news related to your interests. However, it recently started updating the tool to make it easier for people to report articles they think are misleading or harmful.

You can access the reporting feature by tapping the three-dots icon located toward the bottom right corner of an article card. You'll then see an option that allows you to "Report content." Currently, you can flag stories as "misleading or sensational," "violent or repulsive," "hateful or abusive" and "other." Unfortunately, tapping the "other" option at the moment doesn't allow you to explain your reasoning.

While there's always been an option to send feedback to Google about an article, this should hopefully push people to be more proactive about flagging content they think should be better. You can try out the functionality yourself by updating to version 10.99 or later of the Google app. With the coronavirus outbreak, the update also comes at a time when the need for accurate, reliable information could not be more pressing.