'The Sims 4' is now just $5

The expansion packs are also cheap -- perfect if you're spending lots of time indoors.

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This is your chance to get The Sims 4 for a fraction of its original price if you've been thinking of giving it a shot. The game and some of its expansion packs are on sale for up to 75 percent off on EA's Origin platform and on Amazon. You can get the base game for $5 and expansions for $15 to $20 a piece, including newer releases like Discover University and Island of Magic.

Based on a post by The Sims' official Twitter account, this was supposed to be an EA spring sale that went live a little earlier this year. The company didn't elaborate on why it started the sale early, though one possible reason comes to mind: A lot of people are staying at home for a while due to the coronavirus scare, and they could potentially enjoy playing a happy life simulator as an escape. Whatever EA's motivations are, this seems like a good chance to grab the game and the expansions that usually cost $40.

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