Home Depot's $179 Nest Hub Max deal is even better than Google's

A bigger screen for a lower price.

If you're going to be spending a lot of time at home in the coming weeks, chances are you'll be looking for activities to help pass the time -- video calls, cooking inspiration, that sort of thing. The sort of things, in fact, that a smart display would be helpful for, and it just so happens that Home Depot is currently offering a decent discount on the Google Nest Hub Max. The website has it on offer for $179, which is about $20 cheaper than we've seen anywhere else (Google itself has the device on sale, but has reduced the price to only $199 from the usual $229).

Buy Google Nest Hub Max on Home Depot - $179

As a smart display, it's one of our favourites, featuring in our top picks guide published earlier this year. With a 10-inch screen it's a slightly larger version of the OG seven-inch Google Nest Hub, and it also comes with a camera. Great for video calls, obviously, but it can also function as a Nest Cam so when you do eventually get to leave your home, you'll be able to keep an eye on it from afar.

It's well-suited to the kitchen, where it can function as a kind of second TV. The larger screen makes following cooking tutorials easier, while its unique gestures feature -- which lets you play and pause media by holding up your hand -- is useful for sticky fingers.

And of course it comes with all of Google Assistant's helpful functionality, letting you share reminders and to-dos, set individual calendars and get news updates just by asking (if you can stomach any more news, that is). Home Depot has the device on sale in both chalk and charcoal colors.

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