2021 Cadillac Escalade ESV officially shown for the first time

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When Cadillac originally debuted the 2021 Escalade at the beginning of the year, it held back on photos of the long-wheelbase ESV version of the truck. GM told us the ESV would be revealed in full at the New York Auto Show this year, a show that was promptly postponed due to coronavirus. However, that hasn’t exactly stopped us from seeing the ESV anyway. One of our spy shooters managed to capture a trove of images, showing the ESV without any camouflage. You can scroll through those below.

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At the top of this post sits the one official Cadillac image of the ESV — the other photos are from Cadillac's online visualizer tool. What a grand reveal! The Escalade pictured in front is the Platinum Luxury trim, and the one behind it is the Sport (or Sport Luxury Platinum). Just like we spied before, the main styling differences between the regular Escalade and ESV are minimal. Cadillac extended the rear door and massaged the C-pillar — it’s thicker and leans at a sharper angle. Even before revealing the car in photos, Cadillac gave us all the specs. That was enough for an on-paper comparison between it and the Navigator, including the long wheelbase versions of both. The ESV is 15.9 inches longer than a standard Escalade, allowing for more third row legroom and additional cargo capacity.

In other news, Cadillac says orders for the 2021 Escalade can be made today via its website. The system will put you in touch with a dealership to place your order. Those orders will begin arriving in dealerships this fall, according to Cadillac’s current plans. You can check out full model line pricing in our post detailing it all here.

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