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A Mario Kart Lego set is in the works and it can't come soon enough

It arrives in 2025, but Lego announced three other Super Mario themed sets dropping this year to hold you over.


Lego and Nintendo are releasing a Mario Kart-themed set, but you’ll have to wait quite a while until you can actually get it. The companies announced the upcoming addition to their collaborative line in a brief teaser today ahead of Mario Day (March 10), which said only “Mario Kart — Ready, set, build! Racing in 2025.” That’s a long way off for anyone whose immediate reaction was, “I need this now.” In the meantime, though, Lego has three other sets coming to its Super Mario collection before that: the Bowser Express Train, King Boo’s Haunted Mansion and Battle with Roy at Peach’s Castle.

Those three sets will be available starting August 1 of this year from $64-$120, with the Bowser Express Train being the most expensive of the batch. If you want a better look at what they’ll include, check out the announcement video from Lego, which goes in-depth on each build.