‘Marcel The Shell With Shoes On’ turns a decade-old viral video into a feature film

The A24 movie will premiere in theaters later this year.


A24 has shared the first trailer for Marcel The Shell With Shoes On, a film adaptation of the viral YouTube series of the same name. If you’re not among the millions of people who have watched the shorts (the first entry has more than 32 million views), they were co-created by Zootopia and Obvious Child actor Jenny Slate. In the new film, Slate returns to voice the titular Marcel, an anthropomorphic seashell in search of their family. Co-staring alongside Slate are Rosa Salazar, Thomas Mann, as well as series and film director Dean Fleischer-Camp. The film also features cameos from the likes of Conan O’Brien and Lesley Stahl.

A viral YouTube series more than a decade old may seem like unusual source material for a theatrical film, but then A24 is no stranger to backing such movies. Last year, the company released Zola, a film inspired by a 148-part Twitter thread from 2015. Marcel The Shell With Shoes On arrives in US theaters on June 24th.