Acer's first Chromebook Vero is built to be repaired and recycled

The Vero 514 could last longer than many other Chromebooks.


We wouldn't call Chromebooks disposable, but it's no secret that many of them prioritize price over sustainability. Acer, however, contends that they should be just as kind to the planet as some of their higher-end counterparts. The company has introduced the first Chrome OS-powered laptop in its eco-friendly Vero line, the Chromebook Vero 514. As with its Windows counterparts, the 14-inch portable is designed from the start to be repaired and recycled, with a relatively small environmental footprint.

About 30 percent of the Vero 514's chassis is made from post-consumer recycled plastic, and that climbs to 50 percent for the keycaps and speakers. The touchpad surface is made entirely from "ocean-bound" plastic, Acer says, and the military-grade drop resistance (up to 4ft) should help the Chromebook survive a tumble to the floor. The bottom cover is relatively easy to remove thanks to standard screws, making it more feasible to repair or upgrade the PC.

The specs suggest you'll want to keep this laptop for longer, too. The Chromebook Vero 514 uses 12th-gen Intel Core processors, and the 1080p display is accurate with 100 percent coverage of the sRGB color space (if a bit dim at 300 nits brightness). It's not yet clear if the computer can live up to its 10 hours of estimated battery life, but fast charging support can bring you to 50 percent capacity in 30 minutes. Two USB-C ports, one USB-A port and HDMI also reduce the chances you'll need to buy dongles.

The Chromebook Vero 514 ships to the US this October starting at $500, and to Europe a month later for €599. That's certainly pricier than the most affordable Chromebooks, but Acer is clearly betting that the greener design will be worth the premium. Ideally, the laptop's repair-ready body will save you money — you can fix it instead of looking for a far costlier replacement.

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