Activision forms a studio to develop a brand-spanking new IP

Call of Duty? What’s a Call of Duty?


Activision just announced that it's working on a brand-new IP, with a mission “to craft a franchise with an enduring legacy that resonates far beyond games.” To help steward this mysterious franchise into the world, the company has opened up a new internal studio called Elsewhere Entertainment.

The team is headquartered in Warsaw, which is where CD Projekt Red cooks up The Witcher and Cyberpunk games, with assistance from a smaller US-based group. The company hasn’t given one ounce of detail regarding the IP itself, just saying that Elsewhere is “dedicated to establishing an environment that inspires bold and diverse ideas” and that it has “full access to Activision’s resources and tools.”

The developer has suggested the final release will be a “next-gen” experience, but didn’t say whether that meant today’s next-gen or whatever consoles are coming down the pike in the next few years. This will likely be a story-driven game, as Activision has hired up folks who worked on The Last of Us, the Uncharted franchise, Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher 3. If you have a decent resume and a hankering to work on a new IP, here’s a likely-related job posting.

A new studio means new hires, which is great news for an industry plagued by layoffs. As a matter of fact, the formation of Elsewhere comes just over one week after Activision’s parent company Microsoft closed three Bethesda studios. This is also happening a couple of months after Toys for Bob, another Activision studio, spun off into an indie. In any event, we’ll let you know when the company drops some concrete information about the franchise itself.