Adobe Firefly's new AI tools aim to cut down drudge work for editors

Incorporate animated text, b-roll, music and sound effects into your projects by typing.


Less than a month after debuting its new suite of Firefly generative AI editing tools, Adobe announced Monday that it is already working on a host of upgrades to further empower its users through Creative Cloud video and audio applications. The additions should be coming to Firefly's beta program later this year.

Built from the company's long-running AI program, Sensei, Firefly is a suite of generative AI models that can both create and transform audio, video, illustrations and 3D models using text prompts in the same way that Dall-E and ChatGPT do. Firefly's features are already available across Adobe's ecosystem including Premiere Pro, Illustrator, After Effects and Photoshop, though they'll be accessible through the closed beta program later this year.

The new features announced Monday are designed to help professional editors cut down on their drudge work, boosting color levels, inserting placeholder images, adding effects, autonomously recommending b-roll for a given project — simply by typing their ideas into Firefly's AI text prompt and letting the algorithm do its thing. This will include "text to color enhancements," a broad-ranging capability that can adjust the brightness and saturation levels, shift the time of day — even the time of year — using natural language prompts.

The generative AI features will extend to audio as well, with the capacity to insert background music and sound effects by describing the editor what they want through text. The animated font features that we first glimpsed at last month's debut event are expected to arrive shortly as well as an automated b-roll feature that analyzes the content of the script to generate storyboards and suggest video clips. Most impressive, Firefly will even throw together personalized how-to guides to walk new users through the process of using these features.

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