Adobe Lightroom now supports video

Video editors who prefer Lightroom for color correction now have an option.


With it's latest Lightroom release, Adobe has finally added a much-requested feature: video support. You can use the same editing controls for video that you use for photos and even copy and paste settings between the two. That'll be a big boon for creators who do both video and photography but prefer Lightroom's image editing controls and speedy workflow.

You can also use any presets, including Premium Presets and Lightroom’s AI-powered Recommended Presets on video. It also now supports basic trimming from the beginning and ending of a clip. The new feature only applies to Lightroom, not Lightroom Classic. The latter has supported limited video editing and trimming in Library mode, but doesn't support advanced editing in the Develop module.

I tested out the new feature and founded it to be fairly responsive, and it exported adjusted video reasonably quickly. Most of the main adjustment features (exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, etc.) worked normally, but several key functions like the point curve, clarity and sharpening were disabled — hopefully, Adobe will turn those on in a future update.

Lightroom update

Another very useful new feature for both Lightroom and Lightroom Classic is the Preset Amount Slider (above). That lets you dial up or down the amount of a preset, letting you blend it with any other editing you might have done. Adobe has also introduced Adaptive Presets that target a particularly part of the photo, specifically skies and subjects to start with.

Other new features include new Premium presets, AI-powered red eye removal, a compare view to help you pick the best photo, batch copy/paste of AI masks and more. The update is now rolling out to Lightroom and Lightroom Classic.

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