Adobe's 'Photoshop on the web' service is now available to all Creative Cloud subscribers

The service is out of beta and offering Firefly AI capabilities like Generative Fill and Expand.


Users will be able to edit, share and receive feedback on their Photoshop projects from anywhere on the web, Adobe announced Wednesday, regardless of whether an Adobe product is installed on their PC or tablet. The company is bringing its Photoshop on the web service out of beta and incorporating a few handy new AI features as well.

Adobe first introduced a feature-svelt online version of the popular Photoshop app in December, 2021. Originally, users could share their psd files but only if the recipient had a copy of Photoshop or Illustrator on their computer too. That changed with the introduction of Creative Cloud, which allowed for sharing without the need for a local install. The beta version of Photoshop on the web took that concept a step further by incorporating basic editing tools into the web UI geared towards "minor tweaks and quick edits" — the easy sort of stuff that took less time to fix than the program took to boot. The production version released Wednesday does all that and more.

"With this release we are starting with a focus on the needs of creators who are new to Photoshop with a streamlined user experience," Adobe VP Pam Clark wrote in a blog post. "We have brought the majority of the most commonly used Photoshop tools to the web and have streamlined the user experience, to make it easier for newer users to navigate the app."

Users will also be able to experiment with two new AI-driven tools, generative fill and generative expand. As their names' imply, these will "allow you to add, expand, or remove content from your images non-destructively, while magically matching perspective, lighting, and style of your image," Clark wrote. The features were first released as part of Firefly for the desktop edition of Photoshop.

The Contextual Taskbar is also migrating over from the desktop. This on-screen menu will observe your workflow and suggest relevant next steps. But for all the new features to play with, a number of existing tools have yet to make the jump to the web, including the patch and pen tools, smart object support and the polygonal lasso, the the company insists that they will be added with future updates.