Alan Wake 2 to dispatch a new game plus mode on December 11

The Final Draft features an updated ending and “nightmare level” difficulty.

Epic Games / Remedy Entertainment

Alan Wake 2 won big at last night’s The Game Awards and the developer wasted no time to capitalize on that momentum. Remedy just announced that the game is getting free DLC next week, December 11, in the form of a New Game Plus mode. This has been a long-requested feature for fans of the title. Well, if by long-requested you mean within the past two months.

Alan Wake 2: The Final Draft will include a brand-new ending for the story, though you must first beat the game in the traditional way to access it. Remedy says this ending will “spark speculation and theories from dedicated fans.” The updates go beyond the last act, however, as The Final Draft will feature new lore videos and manuscript pages and, of course, tougher enemies.

These enemies will populate a new Nightmare difficulty level. The baddies in the original game were already notorious bullet sponges, so we’ll see what happens with the DLC. Once you beat the game, you’ll be able to access New Game Plus. Also, you’ll have all of your weapons, charms and character upgrades from the first playthrough.

Alan Wake 2: The Final Draft will be available on all platforms, including PS5, Xbox X/S and PC. Set your calendars for December 11 and get ready to venture back into Bright Falls. In related news, the titular hero recently popped up in Fortnite as part of a cross-promotional campaign.