Alexa Emergency Assist can call first responders from your Echo speaker

It will cost $6 monthly or $59 annually.


During its annual fall event on Wednesday, Amazon announced a new personal safety feature for Alexa devices. Building on the existing Alexa Guard, Emergency Assist sounds a bit like Life Alert for Echo devices. It allows people in trouble to call for assistance by saying, “Alexa, call for help.”

Alexa Emergency Assist can connect you with what the company describes as a “dedicated, professionally trained agent” who's available 24/7. When you sign up, it saves information like your home address, medications and allergies (along with the device you’re using) to pass it to first responders. That way, you don’t need to repeat it during the call.

Amazon says the feature is “coming soon” in the US, and that it'll support all Echo devices. It will cost $6 monthly or $59 annually when it launches.

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