Alexa users can share their Routines with others

And Amazon created some Routines to share with you.

rclassenlayouts via Getty Images

Have you crafted a useful Alexa Routine that helps you get out of bed, remember to finish certain tasks or have a more effective workout? Have you wanted to share that Routine with a friend? Or maybe you’re less-than-organized and want to discover a Routine that could get you closer to your goals. Amazon has made both sharing and discovering Routines easier with shareable URL links for customers in the US, the company announced today.

You can share a Routine you’ve created by accessing the Alexa app, selecting the Routine you want to share, then choosing whether you want the routine sent via text, email or social media. If you’ve been sent a Routine and want to set it up on your Alexa device, clicking the Routine’s URL takes you to your Alexa app. Follow the on-screen instructions and customize the Routine to fit your needs.

If you don’t already have a Routine (or someone to share a Routine with you) Amazon has made a few for your inspiration. You can find QR codes for a fitness Routine, family Routine, and a Headspace meditation Routine, among others, on the Amazon blog.

Routines are “hugely popular” among Alexa customers, according to Alexa VP Toni Reid. As such, the shareable URLs seem like a logical next step for the feature. We’ll see if Google Assistant takes similar measures.