Fiat Chrysler's early EV plans include an Alfa Romeo SUV in 2022

FCA plans to release four pure EVs in the next couple of years.

Daniel Pier/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Fiat Chrysler hasn’t been very specific about its plans for all-electric vehicles, but it’s starting to open up. The company told Autocar (via Electrek) that its Alfa Romeo brand will release a small electric SUV sometime in 2022. A spokesperson didn’t share too many details, but the mini-ute “won’t be identical” in style to the Tonale hybrid SUV you see above. It’s expected to sit on a platform from Peugeot owner PSA (whose merger with FCA is still in progress), and the spokesperson suggested it would maintain Alfa’s blend of “sportiness” and “comfort.”

The small SUV space is a good place to start with an EV, according to the representative, noting that it offers the “best solution for range and usage.”

FCA signaled in 2018 that it would have over 30 electrified vehicles by 2022, but it’s still considered relatively slow compared to some automakers and made clear that its focus was on hybrids. It only anticipated releasing four EVs at the time. The Alfa Romeo project at least indicates that FCA is serious about those plans, even if it isn’t electrifying its lineup as fast as some would like.