Alienware's revamped QD-OLED gaming monitor is slimmer and cheaper

The display also supports 120Hz for the PS5 and Xbox Series X.


Alienware's existing QD-OLED monitor is a spectacular display, but its size and $1,300 price can make it difficult to justify even if you're a well-heeled enthusiast. Dell is tackling both of those problems with a revamped Alienware 34 Curved QD-OLED Gaming Monitor, the AW3423DWF. The new version is thinner, making it easier to mount on a wall, but also carries a lower $1,100 sticker. It's not exactly cheap, then, but you can at least roll some of the savings into an RTX 4080 or other PC components.

The technical capabilities are largely similar, although that isn't really a bad thing. This latest Alienware monitor still outputs atn ultra-wide 3,440 x 1,440 with QD-OLED's signature color quality, high contrast and quick pixel response times (0.1ms gray-to-gray). The AW3423DWF packs a native 165Hz refresh rate with FreeSync Premium Pro and VESA AdaptiveSync Display support, but also offers 120Hz variable refresh rate compatibility to work nicely with your PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X/S. There's a new on-screen settings joystick to quickly access mode presets, including a new Creator mode for gamers who also need to edit photos and videos.

The Alienware 34 QD-OLED Gaming Monitor ships sometime this fall. If anything, its main competition may come from its panel manufacturer. Samsung will release the Odyssey OLED G8 with a subtler design and slightly improved 175Hz refresh rate before the end of 2022. While its pricing isn't yet available, you may have a difficult choice if you're shopping for a stretched gaming display in the near future.

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