Alexa can help you find a COVID-19 vaccination site

It's coming just as shots are available across the US.


Now that every adult in the US is eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine, Amazon wants to make it as simple as possible to get your shots. Alexa now helps you find vaccination sites just by saying "where can I get a COVID vaccine?" to your smart speaker or other supporting device. You can specify a city if you want more than nearby results, and you can call a given site if you have questions about appointments.

Alexa is also useful for learning about vaccine availability and eligibility in over 85 countries, and you can find COVID-19 testing locations much like you would vaccinations.

There's a good chance you'll use a mapping app first, but there's no doubt this is convenient — you can ask about those potentially life-saving vaccine doses while you're busy making breakfast. If nothing else, asking your AI voice assistant about a COVID-19 shot is the definition of the 2021 cultural zeitgeist.