Amazon's Eero 6 routers now support Apple HomeKit

Users can now firewall their HomeKit smart home devices for protection.


Amazon has rolled out a firmware update for its latest Eero mesh routers that adds support for Apple's HomeKit smart home platform. The Eero 6 lineup didn't have the feature at launch, but its arrival doesn't come as a surprise, seeing as the previous generations come with HomeKit integration. It took some time for Amazon to add the feature, but now those who want to upgrade to a router with WiFi 6 and HomeKit capability have one more option to choose from.

HomeKit support for the router means it can now be managed via the Home app on iPhones, iPads and Macs, as MacRumor notes. One of the things users can do with the capability is firewall each of their HomeKit smart home devices. By doing so, they can make sure the accessories can only communicate with other devices in the same WiFi network and can only connect to the manufacturers' servers for software updates. In other words, it boosts connected devices' security, protecting users' sensitive information that may be stolen by virtual thieves and preventing bad actors from being able to control them.

Tech giants, groups related to the industry, lawmakers and government agencies have been looking for ways to improve Internet of Things' security over the past few years. Numerous smart devices have poor security measures, and this update gives users one way to protect themselves.

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