Warehouse workers in Atlanta accuse Amazon of unfair labor practices

The demonstration comes just days after Prime Day.

Carolyn Cole via Getty Images

Amazon workers in Georgia are the latest to go public with complaints about the retail giant’s labor practices. Workers at an Atlanta warehouse joined with United For Respect, at a press conference near the company’s ATL6 warehouse to detail new unfair labor practices complaints against Amazon.

The workers, who have petitioned Amazon for a wage increase, say the retailer exploits its warehouse staff with unsafe working conditions and low wages. In a statement, United for Respect noted that the demonstration in Atlanta comes just days after Amazon’s Prime Day, when warehouse workers face particularly stressful conditions.

According to United for Respect, workers at ATL6 previously asked managers for a $5 wage increase in a petition. The company has since fired two workers and “tried to intimidate associates,” the group said. United for Respect is a nonprofit group that was previously associated with UFCW, the United Food and Commercial Workers Union.

“Livable wages, safer working conditions, dignity and respect for all workers is long overdue," Karen Tucker, who has worked at Amazon’s ATL6 warehouse for eight years, said in a statement. "We’re fighting for what we deserve. We are the backbone of this company and without us, there is no Amazon. It’s time for the public to hear and know what we endure to get customers’ packages out on time. It’s time for change. It’s time we held Amazon accountable towards a better Atlanta for all Amazon workers and all working people.”

Amazon didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

Updated to clarify that United for Respect is no longer associated with UFCW.