Amazon's Blink Wired Floodlight Camera is now available for $100

It features live view, two-way audio and enhanced motion detection.


One of Amazon's home security companies, Blink, unveiled its first wired floodlight camera during the e-commerce giant's fall event last year. Now, the smart security camera is finally available, and you can get it from Amazon's website for $100. While most of Blink's products are small, battery-powered devices, this one connects to your home's existing outside wiring. Its LED floodlights are also much brighter (2,600 lumens) than the lights (700 lumens) that come with the brand's older wireless model.

The camera itself provides 1080p HD live view through the Blink app, as well as two-way audio, which gives you a way to talk to people or call any pets outside your house. Blink says the model features enhanced motion detection aided by Amazon's AZ2 Neural Edge Processor, and you can choose to get notifications on your phone if it detects any movement. The device also comes with the ability to sound a 105-decibel siren if you ever need it. And, yes, Blink's wired floodlight camera works with Alexa, allowing you to access its live view and other features with voice commands.

You can save and share video clips captured by the camera, as well, but it will cost you extra. To do so locally, you'll need a Blink Sync Module with a USB drive attached, both of which are sold separately. But you can store clips in the cloud instead through the $10-a-month Blink Subscription Plan, which will also give you access to the company's new person detection feature.

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