Amazon's Eero Pro mesh routers are up to 25 percent off

You'll find steep discounts for multiple models.

Amazon Eero Pro 6 mesh WiFi router pack (Amazon)

Does your lone WiFi router not quite cover your home? This might be a good time to upgrade. Amazon is running a sale on Eero mesh routers that includes particularly steep discounts for higher-end Eero Pro models. The Eero Pro 6 represents one of the better values, and is down to $319 (20 percent off) for a two-pack and $479 (also 20 percent off) for a three-pack. And if you're happy with WiFi 5, the earlier Eero Pro is down to a record-low $336, or 25 percent off — it'll even dip to $314 if you have Amazon Prime.

Buy Eero Pro 6 (2-pack) - $319 Buy Eero Pro (3-pack) - $336

The allure of Eero Pro routers is simple: they provide a compact, straightforward way to blanket your home in wireless networking with more coverage than you'd get from regular Eero models — a three-pack will cover an enormous 6,000 square feet. They're unsurprisingly well-suited to anyone steeped in Amazon's ecosystem, with streamlined setup (if you have an Amazon account), Alexa voice control and a Zigbee hub for compatible smart home devices.

These might not be the best choices if you're more interested in Apple or Google's smart home frameworks. However, future-proofing is another concern. Amazon recently introduced the Eero Pro 6E with (you guessed it) 1.3Gbps WiFi 6E support. If you use internet service beyond a gigabit (or expect to upgrade soon), you might want the newer router to make the most of that connection. However, the Pro 6E is also much more expensive at $499 for a two-pack. The 'old' Pro 6 offers the same long range and most of the performance for a lot less.

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