Amazon Fire TV is coming to Ford SUVs in 2022

More Chrysler and Jeep cars will also get the in-car media interface.


You won't need a Jeep to try Fire TV in your car. Amazon has revealed Fire TV is coming to more vehicles this year, including 2022 Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator SUVs. More of Stellantis' cars will also have the feature, too, including the Chrysler Pacifica and Jeep Grand Cherokee. The company didn't provide timelines for when the interface would be available.

Fire TV in cars is, effectively, a small-scale version of what you might be used to at home: passengers can watch videos, run apps and use Alexa, just with an interface optimized for seatback screens. You can save some content for offline access if you're driving through areas where internet access is spotty. The version currently in the Jeep Wagoneer includes a remote that also controls some car functions, but it's not clear if that will carry over to Ford vehicles.

Amazon clearly sees in-car Fire TV as a way to keep users in its ecosystem when they're away from home. However, it should still be helpful for entertaining kids on long trips, or simply for catching up on shows while you're in the passenger seat.