Amazon opens a rewards program for Flex delivery drivers

The perks include an easier way for contractors to claim shifts.

Amazon has started a rewards program for Flex drivers. Depending on how much work they carry out for Amazon, they may be able to take advantage of a preferred scheduling feature. That could make it easier for them to get work and perhaps persuade them to spend more time working for Flex than other gig economy platforms such as Uber, Lyft or Instacart.

Contractors who work for Flex make Amazon and Whole Foods deliveries with their own cars and cover their own expenses. Shifts aren't always easy to come by, however. As CNBC notes, drivers typically only have a few seconds to accept a shift when it pops up in the Flex app before someone else claims it.

If drivers are able to claim shifts and earn enough points to reach the higher levels of the rewards program, they'll have up to 30 minutes to accept a reserved shift. They can provide Flex with their preferred days, times and delivery stations through the service's app. Amazon says it will offer them more reserved shifts as they progress through the ranks.

The rewards system will also offer drivers a cashback debit card for a no-fee banking account — they'll get more back for Amazon and fuel purchases than other goods. Amazon will also give drivers access to thousands of discounts through the program.

Drivers will earn points for each delivery they make, and they'll receive extra points for hitting certain metrics, such as making dropping off packages on time. They can keep tabs on their points and reward levels through the Flex app. Amazon will reset drivers' points after each three-month earnings period, and they'll still have access to the rewards they have received for the following period.

The company told CNBC it's in the early stages of rolling out the program. It will eventually be active for all Flex drivers in the US. Flex started in 2015 and it now operates in more than 50 cities across the country.

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