Amazon is bringing mobile games to its Amazon Kids+ service

Both kid-friendly games can be played on a smartphone or Fire tablet.

Amazon is bringing two mobile games to its subscription-based entertainment platform for children. Known as Amazon Kids+, the $2.99 per month service has served as sort of a one-stop shop for kid-friendly books, TV shows, movies, games and more. The first game, Super Spy Ryan is a multiplayer game based on the TV show Ryan’s World . It’s available today on both the Google Play and Apple app stores in the US, UK and Ireland. The title will be available later this year in Canada, Germany and Japan, but Amazon hasn’t specified a release date.

Another mobile game, Do, Re & Mi, is a musical education game designed for the preschool set. The show is based on the Amazon Kids+ show of the same name, which stars Kristen Bell and Jackie Tohn. That game will be available for iOS soon in the US, UK, Canada and Ireland.

Kids can play both games on either their mobile phone or Amazon Fire tablet. These are the first mobile games to be available on the Kids+ service, and more will soon follow.

“We are always looking to bring joy and fun into the homes and lives of millions of families. That’s why, two years ago, we began looking at how we could reach even more kids and bring the magic and thoughtfulness of Amazon Kids+ original content to mobile phones,” said Natasha Lipovac, global head of the content division of Amazon Kids+.

If you’ve ever purchased a Kindle Kids e-reader for your child, you’re likely already familiar with Amazon Kids+ (the devices come with a free one-year subscription to the service). Amazon has made a serious effort to corner the children’s market in recent years. Given the sheer number of parents who are Prime subscribers, this makes sense. Last month the company released Amazon Glow, a kid-friendly video conferencing tablet that also includes games. We’re likely see much more children’s focused content from Amazon in the future, designed to work across all its different devices.

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