Amazon's Kindle refresh closes the gap between its entry-level and premium e-readers

You get a high-res display, double the storage, USB-C and longer battery life.


It’s been a while since Amazon upgraded the entry-level version of the Kindle, but it seems like good things have come to those who wait. The 2022 edition has so many upgrades that it’ll make anyone who bought a Kindle in the last year (like me) bilious with envy. First up, there’s a new 300 ppi display, up from the 167 ppi found on its predecessors, giving it the same resolution as the last few Paperwhites, boasting “laser-quality” text and graphics.

Amazon’s generosity is matched elsewhere on the spec list, with the on-board storage doubled to 16GB. You’ll also get a longer, six-week battery life, a lighter frame, adjustable front-light and the long overdue addition of a USB-C port for charging. If that wasn’t enough, buyers will also get a four month trial to Kindle Unlimited, although that offer is only available for a limited time.

Image of the new Kindle Kids (2022)

As the Kindle gets an update, so does the junior edition of the e-reader, with the Kindle Kids getting the same specs as its parent. Each unit comes with a year’s subscription to Amazon Kids+, with a library of thousands of age-appropriate books and the usual parental control features.

Amazon is also boasting about the sustainability credentials of the new Kindles, saying that both are built from 90 percent recycled magnesium. Plus, all of the packaging is now 100 percent recyclable, made with material from responsibly-managed forests.

Amazon's new Kindle will start at $99.99 in Black or Denim, while the Kindle Kids will set you back $119.99.

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