Amazon Luna's 720p streams help you play with poor connectivity

Your data cap might not be as much of an issue.


It's great that some game streaming services let you stream at 1080p or even 4K, but that's not much good to you if you're worried about data caps or a sluggish connection. Amazon is coming to that realization, thankfully. It just introduced a 720p option for its Luna service that can reduce data consumption while maintaining smooth gameplay. You only have to visit the Settings tab in Luna to toggle the lower resolution.

Luna isn't the only game streaming platform with 720p, of course — Google Stadia and Microsoft's xCloud have made it available for a while, and in xCloud's case it has been the default. Amazon's move could make Luna viable if you previously had to rule it out, though, and it might make the most sense if you frequently play on your phone and might not miss 1080p as much as you would on your TV.

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