Amazon Music now offers synchronized transcripts for podcasts

You can read what you missed or skip to key moments.


Spotify isn't the only one banking on podcast transcripts to reel you in. Amazon Music is rolling out synchronized podcast transcripts in the US for both original shows and popular third-party series like Modern Love and This American Life. Listen on Android or iOS and you can read what's being said, much as you would song lyrics.

This helps with search, too. You can scroll through the transcript and tap on a line to jump to that point in the podcast. You can read what you missed, or get a preview of what's coming up.

Transcripts are available today. Amazon hasn't said when it might expand the feature to other countries. This is clearly a move to draw you away from rival podcast services. Still, it could be more than a little helpful to follow along when loud noises drown out your podcast — or to skip to the most interesting segment when you're pressed for time.

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