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Amazon's new Kindle drops to $85 for Black Friday

Other Amazon e-readers are also on sale.


Amazon's latest entry-level Kindle has received its first discount in time for Black Friday. The company is selling the 2022 ad-supported Kindle for $85, or $15 below the official price. That makes it tempting if you're planning a gift for the bookworm in your life, or have just been waiting for a deal to treat yourself to Amazon's most affordable e-reader.

Amazon's new entry-level Kindle is $15 off for Black Friday.
$85 at Amazon

The refreshed starter Kindle is a major upgrade. The centerpiece is a 6-inch 300 pixels-per-inch display that's much sharper than the 167PPI screen of its predecessor, making text that much easier on the eyes. A longer six-week battery life, USB-C charging and doubled storage (16GB) also make it decidedly more practical than the previous model. You might not need more than this to have your dream e-reader, although you may want to pay extra to avoid lockscreen ads.

If you do need more, though, Amazon's ongoing Black Friday sale gives you options. Most notably, the Kindle Paperwhite is still available for $95. You won't have as much storage for that money (you'll need to spend $100), but you will get a larger 6.8-inch display, bath-friendly water resistance and an adjustable warm light. If you don't need those perks or just want the smallest reader in the lineup, though, the base Kindle is still easy to justify.

Buy Kindle Paperwhite at Amazon - $95

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