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Amazon sale brings Echo Show smart displays back to Prime Day lows

The Echo Shows 10 and 15 are on sale for $170.


You're getting another shot at grabbing Amazon's larger Echo Show smart displays for prices much lower than retail if you missed their Prime Day deals. Prices for both Echo Show 10 and Echo Show 15 have fallen back to the lowest we've seen for them on the website. The third-gen Echo Show 10 in Glacier White and Charcoal is currently listed for $170, or 32 percent off its retail price of $250. Same for the Echo Show 15, which you can also get right now for $170 or $80 off its usual price.

Buy Echo Show smart displays at Amazon - up to 59 percent off

The Echo Show 15 is Amazon's first smart display that you can mount on your wall, and the company expects it to be used as a picture frame or a bulletin board. And since having a 15.6-inch screen means you can also use it to play movies or shows, say, while you're cooking in the kitchen, the e-commerce giant announced in September that it's also rolling out the Fire TV experience to the device as a free update.

We praised the Echo Show 15 in our review for having a beautiful picture frame design, with its 0.7-inch white bezel and its black metal enclosure. We also found its screen to be the best out of all the Echo Shows'. It was so bright and sharp that Engadget Editor Nicole Lee was able to clearly see what's displayed from about nine feet away. You can also clearly see the information on your widgets at a glance, thanks to its large screen.

If you'd rather get a smart display with a smaller display, though, then the Echo Show 10 is the better option for you. It has a 10.1-inch HD screen and a 13-megapixel video camera that has auto-framing, so it can keep you at the center during video calls. You can use it as a photo frame, but you can also use it as a cooking companion — it can serve you daily personalized recipes and step-by-step instructions for them.

In addition to those two models, Amazon is also selling the Echo Shows 8 and 5, as well as the fourth-gen Echo speaker at discounted prices. You can get the second-gen Echo Show 8 for $70, which is 46 percent off retail, and the second-gen Echo Show 5 for $35 to $40 (for the Kids' version) or almost 60 percent off their usual prices.

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