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Amazon sale slashes Fire TV streaming devices by up to 51 percent

The Fire TV Stick Lite is down to $20.


If you missed out on grabbing one of Amazon's Fire TV devices during Prime Day, then you're in luck: Most of the lineup is currently marked down, and they're each only a tiny bit more than they were during the site's big sale. The cheapest option is Amazon's Fire TV Stick Lite, with a 33 percent discount cutting its price from $30 to $20.

It's currently 33 percent off. 

$20 at Amazon

Amazon's Fire TV Stick Lite is a great entry point into the series, giving you all the basics for the price of two movie tickets (or, let's be real, basically one at this point). It works with TV streamers like Netflix and Disney+ alongside Spotify and Amazon Music. You can also watch live TV and have Alexa Voice Remote Lite control your smart home devices to dim the lights.

On the more technical side, The Fire TV Stick Lite has 8GB of storage, HDMI passthrough of Dolby-encoded audio and Wi-Fi 5 compatibility. However, unlike the classic Fire TV Stick, the remote doesn't include TV controls like volume. The Fire TV Stick is $5 more than its Lite counterpart thanks to the sale dropping its price from $39 to $25. It also includes Alexa Voice Remote and Dolby Atmos. Both devices have a quad-core CPU 1.7GHz and a GPU 650MHz.

The Fire TV Stick 4K Max has the biggest sale of all, with a 51 percent discount bringing its price from $55 to $27. For $2 more than the classic, you can get 4K Ultra HD, Dolby Vision and Wi-Fi 6 support. It also has live view picture-in-picture and a quad-core CPU 1.8GHz and a GPU 750MHz. Then there's the big one, the Fire TV Cube, which has a 14 percent discount cutting its price from $140 to $120. It's significantly more expensive than its counterparts but also comes with many more features, like an octa-core 4x 2.2GHz 4x 2.0GHz and a GPU 800MHz. Plus, Amazon's Fire TV Cube has 16GB of storage, hands-free control with Alexa and Wi-Fi 6E support with an Ethernet port. Oh, and you can connect all your devices to it, like game consoles and webcams.

Are you just looking for some high-tech control? Amazon's Alexa Voice Remote Pro is also on sale, dropping from $35 to $30. This device is a good option if you tend to lose things as you can tell Alexa, "find my remote," and it will ring.

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