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Amazon has a big sale on TP-Link routers and smart home gadgets

Some of the products are on sale for their all-time low prices.


If you're looking for new routers, mesh WiFi systems and smart home devices, such as lights and plugs, TP-Link is selling quite a few at a discount on Amazon. The TP-Link Archer AX73 WiFi 6 router is currently available for $140, which, while not quite its lowest price on the website, is still 30 percent off retail. The company says it was designed with 8K streaming in mind. If you're a frequent and serious gamer, TP-Link's Archer GX90 WiFi 6 Gaming router is also on sale for $200, which is the lowest we've seen it go for on the website.

Buy TP-Link modems, routers and smart home devices at Amazon - up to 53 percent off

Archer GX90 is a tri-band router, which provides a 4.8 Gbps dedicated band for your gaming needs. It can detect and optimize game streams, and it comes with eight detachable antennas that give it the power to provide WiFi coverage for a four-bedroom house. Meanwhile, TP-Link's Archer AXE300 Quad-Band WiFi 6E router has dropped back down to its all-time low of $480. It can deliver WiFi speeds of up to 15.6 Gbps and provide access to a new 6 GHz band. Like the Archer GX90, this router also comes with eight antennas to ensure WiFi coverage for big homes. But if you still need mesh WiFi systems to help boost coverage, there are a couple on sale right now, as well.

You can get a three-pack bundle of the TP-Link Deco P9 Hybrid Mesh WiFi system, which can provide coverage for a 6,000 sq. ft. home, for $150. That's 35 percent less than its typical price. Meanwhile, a two-pack bundle of the TP-Link Deco X20 is on sale for $104 or 42 percent lower than retail. The two WiFi 6-capable mesh devices can cover over an area up to 4,000 sq. ft. in size.

If you're looking for smart home devices, you can also find Kasa and Tapo by TP-Link-branded products in the list. The Kasa Smart Plug Mini is on sale for $13, down $7 from retail. It can add voice control support to any outlet, particularly for Alexa and Google Assistant. The device also allows you to switch off electronics from anywhere using the Kasa app and to monitor the consumption of anything that's plugged into it. In addition, the TP-Link sale includes Kasa Smart Bulbs for $35 (22 percent off), as well as Kasa and Tapo light strips for up to 44 percent off.

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